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MisMatch Band No. 9


A dope everyday ring with a playful mix of colors and gemstones. No. 9 of our one-of-a-kind MisMatch bands features a pear-shaped rubellite tourmaline, heart-shaped orange/red sapphire, pink cushion spinel, fire opal cabochon and pink oval tourmaline. Set in 14 karat yellow gold with claw prongs. These bands are made for stacking!

  • Size 4 (not sizable)
  • 14 karat yellow gold
  • AURORO Original Design
  • Made + Designed in Los Angeles


AURORO fine jewelry is thoughtfully made and handcrafted in Los Angeles using recycled gold and vintage gemstones as often as possible. We have limited runs of these pieces and will never mass produce so they remain special.

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